My wife asked me to buy some aspirin for her.
    I was surprised that it was not available in a supermarket as it used to be, so I visited a pharmacy.

    - An aspirin please
    - Are you sure you want to buy an aspirin?
    - Yes, I am.
    - I would suggest paracetamol or ibuprofen.
    - What is wrong with aspirin? Has it become illegal in this country to buy an aspirin?
    - No, of course not. In many cases, though, paracetamol is enough.
    - Has aspirin been declared as a very dangerous substance?
    - No, it hasn't. It is just that some people overuse it.
    - How about alcohol? I can buy it anywhere without any problem. What is more dangerous - aspirin or alcohol?
    - ...?
    - I know what I want, please give me an aspirin?
    - Are you sure?
    - I am an adult, I know what I am doing.
    - Have you taken it before?
    - It is for my wife. We are not mentally retarded, we are able decide what we want.
    - I am sorry, I just need to follow the procedures.
    - I know, we are treated by authorities as creatures incapable of logical reasoning. Don't you thing that it is going to
      reach a point when we will no longer be allowed to think and to make any decisions on our own?
      They know better what we need, we are getting slaves.
    - Yes, I agree. I also use aspirin. Sorry for that. Here is your aspirin.
    - I know you did not invent all of this. Thank you. Good bye.
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